Download Festival Announcement

The official Download Festival home page has been replaced with a ”coming soon” splash, meaning the new website, or micro site supporting the festivals first announcement for 2013 is on the horizon. Rogue Tomato thinks it will be roughly the end of next week, and we think it’s either going to be Iron Maiden, OR Rammstein.

Good stuff.

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LOG’s R.Blythe in jail until July 19th

Randy Blythe, who is currently in a jail in the Czech Republic on possibly charges of manslaughter because of a incident that happened a couple of years ago whereby a fan climbed up on stage 3 times, and after the 3rd time was supposedly pushed off stage and hit his head, and as a result, died a couple of weeks later due to brain injury.

Blythe has a bail hearing on July 19th, which will determine whether or not they’ll let him out. If they do let him out, his current time served would be 3 weeks, however if bail is revoked, he could end up serving 6 months.

Read LOG’s official statement on the matter

Randy Blythe‘s bandmates have sorted a legal fund for Randy, despite paying up the bail fund. The United States Embassy has also said a few words, well, very few actually.

“The U.S. Embassy provides standard consular services to American citizens in need of assistance. We cannot discuss specific cases due to privacy concerns”

We will keep you posted.

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Footage of Download Festival already on YouTube

So, if you’re unlucky enough not to have Sky, you can still watch the official Download Festival footage on YouTube, as someone has very kindly uploaded a load of videos. Below is one of the best songs we saw this year, which is ”Tribute” By the awesome Tenacious D.

For an awesome video of Metallica….. Continue reading

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Download Festival 2013 // Sky Arts HD

Just in case you forgot, the DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL 2013 Sky Arts footage is on tonight, well soon, actually. So shame on you if you’re going to miss it. It starts at 9PM, featuring Metallica, Tenacious D, Nightwish, Chase & Status, Lamb of God, Anthrax and Slash to name but a few. Make sure you tune in.

Part 2 is on the 20th of July. Awesome.

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MÖTLEY CRÜE: ‘Sex’ Single Cover Artwork

Some months ago now MÖTLEY CRÜE entered fellow band member, Tommy Lee’s studio, to record a brand new song, ‘Sex’…We know, it’s very CRÜE isn’t it. The song will be released to coincide with their co-headlining tour with Kiss. The song is their first studio release since June 2008 with ”Saints Of Los Angeles” of which the album sold 99,000 copies.

The tour begins on July 20th, with the track ”Sex” available to buy on Tuesday the 17th of July, with an exclusive debut on SiriusXM on Friday the 13th.

Lets hope this tour will see KISS do better than most other things they’ve been involved in these last couple of years, a la Sonisphere and their own previous headline ”anything but sell out” tours. KISS are rumoured to be headlong Download Festival 2013, with various websites claiming ”inside knowledge” or they’ve heard a roadie at one of they gigs mention it. Lets hope Andy Copping, Download festival band booker has more sense than to let this happen.

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Corey Taylor passes out on stage…

SLIPKNOT frontman, and all time rock legend passes out on stage in Dallas, part of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival tour, on Tuesday night (10th) when he just about finished the flash song. The incident was filmed by a member of the crowd (around the 1:40 mark..), which is up on youtube, which you can watch after the break.

Corey tweeted earlier saying “I’m fine — just overheated in Dallas last night. Ready and waiting for Houston! Thank you to everyone for your concerns!”.

Some good news though, Slipknot will be filming their final performance of 2012 for everybody to see, via a special pay per view service, which will cost around $15 for early bird buyers, with the normal price being around the $20 mark. The official website for it went live today (11.7), which can be seen at the whole affair is called Knotfest and is a 2 date hard rocking festival type thing, in Somerset, Wisconsin. Oh how we wish we could go.

The ‘knot’s percussionist Shawn Crahan (Clown) said it’s one of their long time dreams creating an event like Knotfest.

“Our goal was to create a festival experience which screamed our vision. It means everything for everyone to see the live spectacle we’re creating in the flesh, but we understand some fans around the world can’t be at the show. We’ve now made it possible for you to be there in spirit — so join us live on August 18th.”

For the video footage… Continue reading

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Her dark Embrace now with full line up!

Our friends, Her Dark Embrace started out as a couple of members, producing their original songs with electronic beats, guitars and so on with the vocals provided by frontman, Will. The songs they produced were very good, however it wasn’t really practical for live performances, but all that has now changed.

True to their word, they’ve worked hard, got the full line up of band members together and are hitting stages to belt out their lovable dark tunes. The new members are Tim on drums, and Steve on Bass.

They are currently working on their EP, which would have been done by now, accept the band decided not to rush it, and release something with an incredible amount of polish to it. The results, we’re sure will be amazing and of course, we will let you know the moment it’s release date gets announced.

Her Dark Embrace has come a long way since it’s formation, now having over 5000 likes on the bands official Facebook page, a full line up of musicians, and a soon to be released stellar EP. So get ready to embrace the darkness as something stunning, this way comes.

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This Wicked Tongue are a female fronted 4-piece from my home town, Worcester. We like to keep track of these guys from time to time, because, well, they’re awesome. So, how about you do the band a favour, and vote for them here. It’ll be totally worth your while.

ROGUE TOMATO did a little feature on these guys back in September, and since then they’ve been working hard, and doing very well. So, to vote for them at the link above (Green man website), just hit the Facebook ‘like” button on the right hand side of the page. Go on, you know you want to.

Video of ”If this is me” after the break, so Continue reading

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Slipknot’s JIM ROOT deals with burst appendix.

Turns out, the 9 (8) are only human after all. Slipknot’s guitarist, Jim Root has unfortunately had to cope with a burst appendix. It’s been known for a while that something was up, and that he’s been ill. Slipknot are due to play the Rockstar Mayhem Festival very soon along with Slayer, Anthrax, As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, Whitechapel & High On Fire.

Statement below.

Jim has been seriously sick for the past two weeks and went to the hospital last week where he was advised that his appendix burst a couple weeks before and that it could have been life threatening. Jim is at home recovering and is awaiting surgery to have pieces of his appendix removed and hopes to join the tour as soon as he is able.

We hope he has a speedy recovery.

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Download 2012 on Sky Arts HD Friday July 13th

So, as it was this time last year, Sky Arts HD are showing the highlights from this years almighty Download Festival, so be sure to set your Sky box to record, or remind. The performances shown include Metallica, Tenacious D, lamb Of God, Anthrax and many more.

This glorious event starts at 9pm. We’ll certainly be watching it with a few beers in hand.

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Sonisphere Woe….

So, this would have been the last night of Sonisphere Knebworth, 2012. We would be heading back to our tents right now, looking forward to getting absolutely battered and one hell of a party, but alas, it was not mean’t to be.

Still, though, there is a lot of buzz on the Sonisphere official forums about who they’d like for headliners for next year [if there is a next year for Sonisphere UK] which include Kiss, Iron Maiden and Muse to name but a few. This just goes to prove that Sonisphere still has a loyal fan base, but is that enough to sell tickets for 2013. There hasn’t been any official word since the statement released some months ago outlining it’s cancellation due to poor ticket sales, amongst other things but although a lot of people ended up disappointed (my folks included because of Queen) I am sure they’ll soon get over it and occupy their minds with some other rock metal related event.

Festival season is still very much alive and kicking with lots to look forward to, and of course our heavy metal friends over at Sky Arts airing a lot of live music and festival stuff over the Summer, including a few lengthy programmes on this year Download Festival next week.

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Photo’s from Rob Z’s new movie, “The Lords of Salem”

Rob Zombie is working on a new movie called THE LORDS OF SALEM. This is quite exciting, given his passed track record of movie making, generally being rather good, if a little fucked up. You can see all the photos in question on RZ’s official Facebook page, as well as a video interview of the man himself discussing the movie here.

Rob will also be releasing the new remix album “Mondo Sex Head” on August 7th 2012 with pre-orders now being taken online over at Amazon. The track listings can be seen after the break.

Continue reading

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LOG’s official Statement about Randy Blythe

Lamb Of God’s lead, Randy Blythe was arrested not so long ago in connection with an incident, that happened in Prague a couple of years ago whereby he allegedly pushed a fan off stage, after the fan had jumped the barrier and ”stormed” the st

age for the 3rd time that evening. As as result of the fan being ”pushed” he fell backwards off the stage and hit his head. Some time later, he subsequently died as a result of a brain injury. It’s question as to whether or not Blythe was involved in any wrong doing, as there is no video evidence of this happening, even though there are lots of videos from that night. This, is fairly old news, however Lamb Of God have released their official statement regarding the whole affair.

First of all, thanks to everyone who has reached out in support of Randy and each of us in this terrible situation. It’s noted and very much appreciated. We have been keeping our heads down and not speaking out due to the fluid nature of the situation and the constantly changing information that even we receive daily.

Within an hour things can do endless 180’s. It’s maddening to try and make heads or tails. We’re taking the time to speak to you as it has been a significant period of time since this situation began and while nothing is immediately clear to any of us, we are not trying to keep anyone in the dark. We have reached out and are making use of the resources we have acquired to help our brother who is still detained in Czech jail. In the two years since, we were never notified of anything related to this incident. Randy is our brother and we assure you, we are all staying very positive for him, working endlessly behind the scenes to provide any and all assistance possible.

The best we can do is to stay positive and continue to support our friend that we know is innocent. We know that justice will prevail and we will continue to do our part to support our friend.

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Leu Doc, Dreafer Media

A little plug, for all you lovely viewers. Check out this Facebook page from Dreafer Media, which is the production company behind a brand new feature film in the works called ‘Leu Doc’. The mastermind behind the scenes is Producer / Director James farina who has done some awesome film work already, which can be seen on his official You Tube page here.

Leu Doc is a black comedy, which is currently in the works, and is looking to be a rather exciting piece. Dreafer Media has come leaps and bounds within the amateur movie scene working on media projects since 2006 including an RSPB environmental awareness documentary, a Dorset Awards Live Event, a Gloucester-based Parkour documentary, a Kate Nash Lyric School documentary and a feature film directed by the production manager of Channel 4, which is set to be shown at Cannes Film Festival next year, in 2013.

Leu Doc, their latest piece is currently auditioning for actors, so if you’re interested, please contact Mr farina directly, by e-mailing

We will keep you informed of the movies progress.

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Zakk Wylde christens son Sabbath

And you thought you were metal? Zakk Wylde has named his brand new son, Sabbath. Sabbath Page Wielandt Wylde was born yesterday, July 4th at 11:40 p.m and clocks in at eight pounds, 1.3 ounces. He can rock out now with his three other siblings, Hendrix, Jesse and Hayley Rae. Congratulations to them all.

Zakk was interviewed at Download Festival 2012, by Metal Hammer which you can see after the break. Continue reading

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Download Festival 2012 RT Review

So a few weeks have passed, for us to collect our thoughts on just how awesome this years Download Festival actually was. There were a few hiccups along the way, but nothing to spoil the over all fun of the festival. So, read on to find out more about what we got up to this year, ranging from campsite shenanigans, to hanging out in the back stage VIP Guest area, seeing the likes of Corey Taylor, and few of the guys from Trivium, The Dirty Youth and so on.

So, lets get the Weather out of the way. 2012 had to be the worst year for weather conditions. It pretty much rained solidly throughout the entire weekend. When we got to the camp site, half way through pitching, it was battering it down. Fortunately we had a rather nifty gazebo (£15 bargain from Argos!). So we got that up, and got dry. We made it so that our tenet immediately opened up into the gazebo area, thus making sure when we woke up, we would not be faced with wet muddy grass. Win. So, the drinking starts, we are all pitched, we meet new people and just generally soak up (literally) the festival atmosphere, and alcohol.

Thursday morning arrives, and we know we have to be somewhere at 1pm, sharp! We had the delight of attending the Boardie BBQ. This is a special event just for a select amount of DL forum members and it held on the 3rd stage in the arena. They lay on free food, fruit, beer and so on for all to enjoy, as well as having entertainment on stage. We also got to have a lovely, if not brief word with the man himself, Festival Director John Probyn. Unfortunately, we didn’t really have anything meaningful to say to him as we were all rather battered, but we had a chat, shook his hand, and carried on with the party.

Friday saw the first day of bands, and sadly, due to the rain, and ground conditions as a result of; the main arena opened a couple of hours later than originally planned, but not to worry, we just drank more. We stayed at the main stage for an hour or so, then wondered off the the second stage (zippo stage) to watch Europe! They were a little late, then all of a sudden, a voice came over the PA saying that Europe will not be able to perform due to being unable to get on site early enough, as they were stuck at the airport, again due to weather conditions. So after a few ”Boooo’s” and huffs, pretty much the entire crowd, ourselves included proceeded to sing our own version of THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Was truly epic. We then made our way over to the main stage to see Billy Talent, who were amazing. Highlights of that set were ”Devil On My Shoulder” and ”Rusted From The Rain”. Was awesome. Then back over to stage 2 to watch Nightwish, who’s last performance at Download only lasted about 15 minutes due to a delayed flight, with original singer Tarja. This time however, fully equipped with a LOT of pyro, a brand new sexy singer, and a lot of bass, appeared a timely Nightwish, with full stage production. Its was epic. They didn’t do Dark Chest Of Wonders though, which I was slightly annoyed about but the rest made up for it.

Now for Fridays’s special event, the headline act on the Main Jim Marshall stage, The Prodigy. I was kind of lost for words to be honest with you, it was outstanding. I had never seen them before, even though this was my 9th year at Download, and they’ve played twice before…But nothing could have prepared me for the sheer amount of bass they kicked out, it was amazing.

Saturday, we spent most of the day in the VIP area, eating great food, using great toilets and seeing a lot of famous faces. It was great. The only bands we saw were Corey Taylor, of course, Tenacious D (who could miss those) and the almighty Metallica. What a day that was. All 3 were stunning, but I think Metallica were just a cut above the rest. They had fireworks, bangs, flashes and loads of awesome songs too. This next photo below pretty much sums up our experiences.

Photo’s copyright Download Festival.

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