This Wicked Tongue

As we always say here at RT HQ that we love unsigned bands and we love them even more when they come from our very home town of Worcester! It’s truly great to see raw talent right on your doorstep.

THIS WICKED TONGUE joined forces in March of 2010 and consists of Haydn Rogers, Ben Pemberton, Tina V and Rob Taylor. The vocalist of the 4-some being Tina V. Ever since we interviewed The Dirty Youth we’ve had a bit of a ”thing” for female fronted bands, especially ones that are executed well, and This Wicked Tongue fit the bill just nicely.

The band formed off the back of Tina V being scouted by Bridge Bash festival organiser with the condition she had a band behind her. She already collaborated with the other members on a different project and jumped at the chance of being her band. Ben, the drummer was not part of the original line up and joined them in 2010 after the original drummer had left. This was after they pondered on what to call the band with names suggested such as ”The Tina V Band”, “Tina and the Radio” and “Hot Show The Roine”, none of which sat well with the group, until Tina suggested This Wicked Tongue, a track title from P.J.Harvey’s album Stories of the Sea.

One of the best things about this band, which we seldom see in the world of Live Rock is letting the fans come up on stage and dance along to one of the tracks. A live performance of ”Carry This” (video Below) at the Marrs Bar in Worcester, saw just that. This shows that the band can play just as well under immense pressure and portrays a sense of ”being completely at home” on stage. Vocalist Tina V carries herself incredibly well on stage, as do the rest of the band during the performance. You can always tell the mark of a great band when you’re doing a review and you’ve reached over 300 words in and you haven’t even spoken about the music yet!

Which brings us quite nicely onto….The music. Available to us were 3 professionally recorded tracks, ”Carry This”, ”22” and ”Creature”. Now, we found it quite hard to place this band in a definitive genre, as there are many elements to the songs, for example, ”Carry This” is a nice uplifting rock track with great vocals, and light to semi heavy riffs and beats and then we have ”Creature” which is a lot heavier and has elements of harsh vocals, not so much a ‘scream’ but a nice mix of easy / steady vocals with the occasional ‘wake up call harsh vocal’ in the middle and it works very very well in it’s execution. It’s great to see the band experiment and not stick to just one style of delivery.

The band has fans in around 70 countries across the globe, which further adds to the suprising fact that they’re still unsigned. After listening to these guys for a while it’s very easy to see why so many industry bods have said great things about them, like ”Genre defying”, ”Sublime female vocals” and ”Dragging rock into the 21st century”. It all just re-affirms to us of our long standing opinion that there are so many crap ‘signed’ bands out there doing major festivals and record deals when bands like THIS WICKED TONGUE are so much better and just need the right person to hear their stuff before they’re whisked off to rock stardom.

TWT are also no strangers to the stage, playing venues such as the Bridge Bash festival, The Marrs bar and soon the O2 Academy3 in Birmingham. The band are booked for dates from now up until August 2012 in places like Gloucester, Reading and London. This band is definitely going places, and being together for such a short time so far having achieved so much, it won’t be long until THIS WICKED TONGUE will be known far and wide. Rogue Tomato is proud to be from the same City as such a great band!

Opposite is their cover art for EP ”Carry This” which they are releasing on September 30th at the Marrs bar gig in Worcester so head-on down to grab yourself a copy, alternatively you can buy some singles for around ~£1 each from their Reverb Nation store. The bands latest Tour Dates and locations can be found here.

Watch this space for more news on THIS WICKED TONGUE as we’ll be following their journey closely.


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