Leu Doc, Dreafer Media

A little plug, for all you lovely viewers. Check out this Facebook page from Dreafer Media, which is the production company behind a brand new feature film in the works called ‘Leu Doc’. The mastermind behind the scenes is Producer / Director James farina who has done some awesome film work already, which can be seen on his official You Tube page here.

Leu Doc is a black comedy, which is currently in the works, and is looking to be a rather exciting piece. Dreafer Media has come leaps and bounds within the amateur movie scene working on media projects since 2006 including an RSPB environmental awareness documentary, a Dorset Awards Live Event, a Gloucester-based Parkour documentary, a Kate Nash Lyric School documentary and a feature film directed by the production manager of Channel 4, which is set to be shown at Cannes Film Festival next year, in 2013.

Leu Doc, their latest piece is currently auditioning for actors, so if you’re interested, please contact Mr farina directly, by e-mailing jamesmfarina@yahoo.com

We will keep you informed of the movies progress.

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