Photo’s from Rob Z’s new movie, “The Lords of Salem”

Rob Zombie is working on a new movie called THE LORDS OF SALEM. This is quite exciting, given his passed track record of movie making, generally being rather good, if a little fucked up. You can see all the photos in question on RZ’s official Facebook page, as well as a video interview of the man himself discussing the movie here.

Rob will also be releasing the new remix album “Mondo Sex Head” on August 7th 2012 with pre-orders now being taken online over at Amazon. The track listings can be seen after the break.

– Thunder Kiss ‘65 (JDevil Number Of The Beast Remix)
– Living Dead Girl (Photek Remix)
– Let It All Bleed Out (Document One Remix)
– Foxy Foxy – (Ki:Theory Remix)
– More Human Than Human (Big B- lack Delta Remix)
– Dragula (††† Remix)
– Pussy Liquor (Ki:Theory Remix)
– Lords of Salem (Das Kaptial)
– Never Gonna Stop (Drumcorps Acid Remix)
– Superbeast (Kraddy Remix)
– Devil’s Hole Girls (Tobias Enhus Remix ft The Jane Cornish String Quartet)
-Burn (The Bloody Beetroots Motherfucker Remix)
– Mars Needs Women (Griffin Boice Remix)

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