Sonisphere Woe….

So, this would have been the last night of Sonisphere Knebworth, 2012. We would be heading back to our tents right now, looking forward to getting absolutely battered and one hell of a party, but alas, it was not mean’t to be.

Still, though, there is a lot of buzz on the Sonisphere official forums about who they’d like for headliners for next year [if there is a next year for Sonisphere UK] which include Kiss, Iron Maiden and Muse to name but a few. This just goes to prove that Sonisphere still has a loyal fan base, but is that enough to sell tickets for 2013. There hasn’t been any official word since the statement released some months ago outlining it’s cancellation due to poor ticket sales, amongst other things but although a lot of people ended up disappointed (my folks included because of Queen) I am sure they’ll soon get over it and occupy their minds with some other rock metal related event.

Festival season is still very much alive and kicking with lots to look forward to, and of course our heavy metal friends over at Sky Arts airing a lot of live music and festival stuff over the Summer, including a few lengthy programmes on this year Download Festival next week.

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