Her dark Embrace now with full line up!

Our friends, Her Dark Embrace started out as a couple of members, producing their original songs with electronic beats, guitars and so on with the vocals provided by frontman, Will. The songs they produced were very good, however it wasn’t really practical for live performances, but all that has now changed.

True to their word, they’ve worked hard, got the full line up of band members together and are hitting stages to belt out their lovable dark tunes. The new members are Tim on drums, and Steve on Bass.

They are currently working on their EP, which would have been done by now, accept the band decided not to rush it, and release something with an incredible amount of polish to it. The results, we’re sure will be amazing and of course, we will let you know the moment it’s release date gets announced.

Her Dark Embrace has come a long way since it’s formation, now having over 5000 likes on the bands official Facebook page, a full line up of musicians, and a soon to be released stellar EP. So get ready to embrace the darkness as something stunning, this way comes.

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