About Rogue Tomato

Here at the RT hub, we love all things from Rock, Heavy Metal to Indie and Pop Punk! We thought it would be a great idea for us to share our love of these things with you guys by bringing you up to date news and a few interviews here and there and various other things too. We pride ourselves on publishing both established and relatively unknown bands from all walks of life from our interview with Bowling For Soup to one of our first interviews with the then relatively unheard of, The Defiled!

ROGUE TOMATO consists of a very small team of people, all of whom are passionate about music, and noodles.

We absolutely love unsigned bands here at RT and what we love even more is giving them some exposure. We realise that time and time again unsigned bands hardly ever get a look in when it comes to getting reviewed, interviewed or just generally acknowledged and we hope to change that, so if you’re an unsigned band why don’t you drop us a line and we’ll make sure you’re featured on ROGUE TOMATO MAGAZINE.

We average about 1,400 unique visitors per month generating nearly half a million hits so if you want your stuff exposed to our lovely, if ever so slightly barmy viewers, then head on over to this page and fill out your details and tell us about your band.

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