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Download Festival 2012 RT Review

So a few weeks have passed, for us to collect our thoughts on just how awesome this years Download Festival actually was. There were a few hiccups along the way, but nothing to spoil the over all fun of the festival. So, read on to find out more about what we got up to this … ..MORE

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James Warner Prophecies

Last April, we did a little news piece on up and coming Midlands Rock band, The James Warner Prophecies and what do you know, while drinking a lovely glass of red in the office this evening, we come across the band once again, so what’s an online rock magazine going to do…Well, were going to … ..MORE

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DEVolution Single Review

DEVolution may not be a name you are familliar with to date, but all of that is set to change with the release of their debu single, ‘Good Love’. The instantly catchy and memorable dub step track is the creation of Pete Devereux of Artful Dodger & Tom Devos, formerly of Size Records. As well … ..MORE

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Hailing from the Black Country (Dudley), right here in the UK, NECROTIZE emerge onto the heavy/death metal music scene with full force. The 5-some come together to produce some outstanding sounds befitting for any heavy metal goers ears. Band members Shadie Carrier, Anil Carrier, Dave Powell, Tom Hinksman and Alex ‘Tiny’ Wallace know exactly what … ..MORE

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P.I.Light // Band Review

So, as you can imagine, here at RT we hear about loads of bands, both new, old, signed and unsigned, and for the most part we love them all. This brings us to the latest little snippet of musical might from a female fronted metal band called P.I.Light from Georgia. The band consists of Manana … ..MORE

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Three Day Weekend / Demo Review

An odd review, as we only have 3 recorded songs to go by here, and I suppose that’s quite apt given the name of the band. So given that little revelation, where do we start? We’ll start with a song. ”Man In The Picture” is the first of the three tracks we heard, and although … ..MORE

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It’s pretty difficult these days to come across a decent sounding metal band with good riffs, great beats and excellent vocals all in the mix. For a lot of unsigned bands out there, most of them know how to string out a decent riff on their guitars and put some sort of decent general beat … ..MORE

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