Download Festival 2013

Okay okay, I know Download ’12 has just finished, however some exciting news came about a few weeks ago, so just in case you didn’t know..

Andy Copping, Download Festival band booker has stated that one of the headliners for Download 2013 is 100% confirmed. He also gave a few clues and hints as to who it might be, although he could be bluffing. The clues were, they’ve played Download before, one of the band members was there this year, and he won an award. So the only person that fits those clues is none other than Corey Taylor, so it’ either the almighty Slipknot, or the equally as almighty Stonesour.

In other Download related news, they have a brand spanking new logo, which you can see above. The Download dog is now a fiery type thing with ”Eddie” (Iron Maiden) like eyes so maybe those a both clues too. So I’m going for Slipknot, Rammstein & Iron Maiden. You heard it here first.

Rock On.

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Cristina Scabbia on Food, of the Heavy Metal variety

Cristina Scabbia, front woman of the most awesome band LACUNA COIL was interviewed by Gilles Lartigot on the 3rd of February from Heavy Metal Food, the Radio Metal column associating metal music with cooking, from Canada.

LACUNA COIL recently laid to rest the Dark Legacy North American tour, with shows lasting more than 2 hours with songs from all of LC’s albums. Their new album, “Dark Adrenaline”, sold roughly 20,000 copies in the US in week one of release and weighed in at position 15 on The Billboard 200 chart, compared to Shallow Life, released in 2009 selling 21,000 copies and reaching 16 on the chart.

Video after the break, so.. Continue reading

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Download 2012: Chris Jericho To Appear On Scuzz TV’s ‘The Lowdown’ This Weekend!

As a part of their ongoing Download 2012 coverage, Scuzz TV will be airing the first in this year’s The Lowdown series at 1pm this Saturday (Tomorrow) – and it’ll be featuring none other than Fozzy frontman, WWE icon and this year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods host, Chris Jericho!

If you want to see it, just click through to Sky channel 374 or Freesat 503 on Saturday at 1pm, with repeats showing all through the weekend.

Download 2012 takes palce from June 8-10 at Castle Donington and features the likes of The Prodigy, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Machine Head, and so on. We certainly have our tickets, which are due through our letter box any day now, are you stupid enough NOT to have gotten yours yet??


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Roadrunner Records UK Closes

Awful news arrived yesterday evening that Roadrunner Records will be closing its UK Offices. RR themselves have not released any kind of official or un-official statement as of yet, however a few of the bands have voiced their thoughts on the matter, see below.

TRIVIUM Frontman Matt Heafy said on his twitter:

“I wish I knew who or what to blame specifically, but Roadrunner records just fired some of their best employees, I don’t know if it’s corporate greed or it’s due to the fact that no one puts value in physical art and that piracy created a domino effect, But our friends who are being tossed away so quickly by the label are now out of jobs. These people helped bands get where they are today.”

“Of course I’ll be emotional when it has to do with people I love and care and respect for helping me,” he added, “The main point is that people need to remember,Internet aside-we are dealing with human beings. I feel for my friends.”

SLIPKNOT’s, Clown said:

“Today is a sad day, It has been brought to my attention that many Roadrunner offices around the world have been closed permanently. This means to us, Slipknot, in my opinion that a lot of our very close friends and comrades will no longer be around to help the art and business known as the Slipknot family. You are in my thoughts and prayers now forever. I will always consider you close friends and I will make every attempt to stay in touch with as many of you as possible.”

“RIP ROADRUNNER UK,” adds DevilDriver‘s Dez Fafara via Twitter. “THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK AND MEMORIES!”

Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth, whose band have also been on the Roadrunner roster, commented; “It feels like someone has stuck their fingers in our pie and pinched a great big slice of metal.”

This news, indeed, very much sucks, for all concerned.

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Her Dark Embrace Cover of The Defiled’s ‘Final Sleep’

HDE’s Will and DJ Superhans recorded an acoustic version of The Defiled’s ‘Final Sleep’ on a Monday afternoon after a few sneaky Rum & Cokes. Her dark Embrace, with now over 4,000 fans on Facebook said they did it live, un-edited a just for pure fun. They put it up on Youtube and in 24 hours had over 100 views. Rogue Tomato spoke with lead vocalist, Will, from Bristol, UK to see what initially prompted them into this unexpected, but welcome endeavour.

“We just had a few drinks and wanted to do something different” Will said. “We have a lot of respect for the guys in The defiled, and what better way to show that! maybe there are a few more drunken covers in us yet!” He added. The song is below.

Her Dark Embrace are certainly climbing up the rock ladder quite quickly, which reminds us a lot of The Defiled. The first time we interviewed them, a couple of years ago they were a relatively unknown unsigned band. Now, they’re set to play the Download Festival this coming June to many many thousands of fans and we think in a year or two, we will be saying the same about HER DARK EMBRACE.

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Axiski (plug)

Hey guys, a little off topic here, but I decided to help a friend out and let you know about an awesome new product that is coming soon. I had a go on one of the prototypes the other day and I have to say, this thing is awesome. .

If you like Snowboarding / sledging, check this out….It’s a brand new kind of sledge called Axiski..

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Sonisphere UK Cancelled

This sad news came this morning officially from the Sonisphere website, after rumours a couple of days before had surfaced. They didn’t state a reason, but rumours are flying around that they only sold around 6000 tickets….Which by any festival standards, is very poor. We are just glad we have bought our Download Festival tickets as we think there will be a surge in people buying them now as it’s pretty much the only major rock festival in the UK thats going ahead. Good news is that the people who already bought sony tickets will get a full refund.

Statement after the break, so Continue reading

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Download Director & Cancer Research

Download Festival Director, John Probyn is, for a noble cause walking over 100 miles from Donington to Hyde Park after this years Download Festival. So far he has raised over £3,000 for Cancer Research, so if you’d like, why not donate some money yourself in the name of all things rock.

Here is the link –

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James Warner Prophecies

So we did a little piece on the guys in January, and they’ve gone from strength to strength!! Their music video Define, will soon be on KERRANG! TV and available to the masses. I knew these guys would go far!! So anyway, down to the important stuff, their debut album is going to be released march 12th! That’s next week, so we urge all of you music lovers to go buy it.

They won ‘Best EP’ at last years Pure Rawk Awards, for their 2011 EP ‘Fell’, and have been nominated for 4 Awards this year – ‘Best Band’, ‘Best Frontperson’, ‘Best Bassist’ and ‘Best Drummer’. They’ve supported the likes of Supergrass, The King Blues, The Blockheads, Streetlight Manifesto, Go:Audio, Alabama 3 and Dreadzone and they’ve played at numerous festivals including, amongst others, the Bearded Theory festival, Y-Not Festival, BOMFest and Glogow Festival in Poland.

Make way for THE JAMES WARNER PROPHECIES. We love it when bands do well, especially on their own merit. These guys worked hard and they’ve come far and since I love the song define so damn much, here it is again so just click Continue reading

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So, we have another Unsigned band that we’d like to bring to your attention. ZhOra, a 4 piece heat metal band that are just starting out. They have an EP out already and are currently working on new material to be released at the end of this coming Summer.


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As you know, we love UNSIGNED bands here at RT, and we love nothing more than writing about them. Especially when the band in question is pretty damn good. So let me introduce you to ZhOra. They were formed in October 2011 when Colin (guitar & Vocals) and Pancho (Guitar) started jamming some riffs andit became clear that they had something a little bit special and with Tom “Whirlwind” Woodlock thrown into the mix with his drums, the band was born. Obviously, were not forgetting Richie McCormack on the Bass. The next two months were spent writing songs for the E.P. ” Feet Nailed to the Ground” which was recorded in last January (2012) by Ben Wanders at Nebula Studios in Limerick.

This up and coming heavy metal band only have 3 songs going on at the moment, comprising of Leading The Fools, The End Of It All and Through The Valley. All of which stack up pretty well to the competition. ZhOra aren’t quite ready for the big time just yet though, as they’ve got a lot of gigging to get behind their belt first. However, this isn’t a bad thing. We see all the time new bands move up the ladder really quickly just because they’ve got money behind them and a lot of them, quite frankly are just really shit. So we think ZhOra have the potential to surpass these other bands in terms of quality and delivery and i’m sure with enough effort and hard graft they’ll pull it off.

If you head on over to their Facebook Page and have a listen to their EP, you’ll be surprised at how polished it is. They’ve given themselves a really good start, even down to small things like their logo, it’s not just some generic ”twig” like heavy metal logo like we see on so many bands out there. Its original, and it shows effort. This kind of thing really does make a difference to the over all perception of the band. It’s not just about the music, it’s the whole package. Watch out for these guys, as we think they’re going to go far.

ZhOra are currently prepping some material that they plan on releasing at the end of this Summer. We’ll keep you informed.

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The brand new, Costa de Fuego Festival is Maraworlds – the organisers of FIB, newest project. A festival devoted to the most energetic rock, hardcore and metal genres. The line up will see the cohabitation of first class acts, renowned artists and up and coming bands, both national and international.

Guns N Roses and Marilyn Manson are the headliners for the first year of Costa de Fuego which are 2 of the biggest key players in todays Rock wish list . It will be held at the Benicssim concert venue on July 20th and 21st 2012 with 3 stages and over 50 bands including OPETH, LACUNA COIL, WARCRY, CANCER BATS, WE ARE THE OCEAN, BERRI TXARRAK and STEEL HORSE.

Two-day tickets include 4 days free camping from Thursday July 18th to Sunday 22nd. The campsite is located in the natural setting of the Las Palmas desert and is close and well connected to the beaches and village centre.

The brand new festival will count on the facilities, equipment and production values Maraworld is well known for and which made them the leaders in this sector both, on a national and international level! This reputation, coupled with some stella performances should put Costa de Fuego on the festival map!

The festival will hold a 30,000 capacity and there will be 5000 two day tickets – with 4 days free camping – available at the special price of £70. Once these have been sold, the price will be £90 for two day tickets. Bargain!

To find out more about this exciting event, go to their official website.

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Weeping Ulcer – Unsigned

A new unsigned band, hailing fro Dublin has come across our path this week and we’d love it if you checked them out. Their unique, and above all, good! So if you’re into some real heavy stuff from a trio of irish metallers, hit up the link below.


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Weeping Ulcer

Weeping UlcerWeeping Ulcer formed in June 2010 as a 3-piece and in February 2011 released their debut 3 track demo, ‘Dwelling in Filth’. Each member takes the role of lead vocalist for one song on the demo. Since then a select few live performances have been played, including the main stage at ‘The Siege of Limerick VI”, October 2011. The demo was re-released November 14th 2011 with a far superior mix. The band also created a video for track 3, ‘Shaman’ which can be viewed on YouTube. There is a video below of the song Fear (audio only). New material has been written and an EP is expected to be recorded in 2012.

These guys are a sludge/experimental/doom band from Dublin, Ireland, which is where they currently reside also. They’ve had some gleaming reviews from the likes of Molten Magazine saying such things as “The start of something beautifully vile and fetid indeed” and also sites like Heavy Planet. The thing that caught our attention the most was the fact that each band member takes the role of lead vocals for the tracks. I don’t think we have ever come across that before, we certainly not for unsigned bands anyhow.

They each pull it of really well and are more than capable of the ranges required to establish themselves within the genre.

We have to say, out of the 3 tracks we have heard from the trio, our favourite song is Chemtrail. It reminds us of the early days of Cradle Of Filth to some degree. Obviously, the bands are completely different but thats the ”feel” we get from it. It’s done to a very high standard as well. You hear a lot of unsigned bands just go ahead and scream until they run out of juice and it’s not impressive in the slightest. These guys sound ”right”. It’s dirty, filthy..Inspired. You almost feel used after listening to them. It’s great.

Weeping Ulcer are : Ian Flockhart (Guitars, vocals), Graeme V. Flynn (Drums, vocals) & Marcel Golstein (Bass, vocals)

Check out the bands music and say hello on their Facebook page. We’ll keep you posted on when Weeping Ulcer releases their new stuff.

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Download 2012 selling fast

Since we frequent the official DL forums we get to see a few snippets in the way of posts from festival director John Probyn who has hinted that tickets are selling pretty quickly so get the while you can folks.

This years line up has been said to be the best in many years by the avid DL goer, and we’d be inclined to agree. Although we think Corey Taylor could have done with being on a higher stage. We are certainly looking forward to it ourselves as there’s nothing like a good ol’ 5 day bender in a field with a shit tonne of rockers, 24 hours chinese food and a rather large amount of alcohol.

I can almost feel the headache already.

Full line up poster after the break, so to view, Continue reading

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Corey Taylors Book signing clip

SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor made a special in-store appearance to sign his book, “Seven Deadly Sins – Settling The Argument Between Born Bad And Damaged Good” which I have yet to read, still, even though it’s been sitting in my office now for a few weeks, at Dymocks in Sydney. The video is below and there are 3 more videos after the break of a 3 part interview about the book.

Continue reading

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